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a brief history

Chad D. Commers shares past experiences as a way to catalogue his previous views and tactics in hopes of identifying best practices to utilize on future opportunities.

Mr. Commers began his commercial real estate career at nineteen and eventually became responsible for strategic planning and guidance of a three million square foot commercial real estate portfolio which spanned multiple property types. He remains close with the principals of that firm, and is still involved with each of them today as a partner or an advisor.

After moving to Naples, FL, he became actively licensed there, as well as involved in numerous ventures across multiple disciplines. In these roles, as a fiduciary as well as an owner and partner, he leverages two decades of experience in commercial real estate to identify potential challenges and then plan for effective solutions that are valued by his investors and partners. 

Two Decades of Experience

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully navigated two recessions and one pandemic, only to capitalize on the opportunities they presented for growth.

The future of real estate

Looking forward, successful investing in commercial real estate will add a layer of data driven analytics to age old fundamentals to limit risk and increase the level of financial returns investments offer.

Value your Property

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Fire Drill!

Plotting a course of action under an extremely short timeframe, and building in contingencies for the just incase scenarios. The Situation…  A longtime client and

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